The Top 4 Reasons To Have Clean Air Ducts In Your Home

Do You Have All Your Ducts In A Row?

The other day I was sitting around my house reading a book and thought ‘when was the last time I had my duct work cleaned? Do you remember when you cleaned yours?

I know for sure I cleaned ONE of the fourteen heat vents about a year ago. My daughter had left her earrings on the bathroom counter when she was taking a shower one day. Her brother took a shower soon after her. He puts his clothes on the counter without checking to see what’s on there – he’s a teenage boy what do you expect? When he removed those items from the counter they knocked off the earrings, one of which he heard fall into the heat register. We had to use the small shop-vac to clean the debris (and earring) out of the vent. I was quite surprised by all stuff that we sucked up. Things had fallen down the register during our recent remodel. We did find the earring AND cleaned out that part of the duct.

Top 4 Reasons To Make Sure You Have Clean Air Ducts:

  1. Lower Utility Bills: Clean ducts help your heating and cooling system run more efficiently, which will help lower your utility bills.
  2. Balanced Air Circulation: Many homeowners don’t realize that the ductwork that delivers cooled and warmed air into living spaces also returns household air to the HVAC equipment for conditioning. Like a respiratory system for your home, ductwork inhales stale air and exhales conditioned air. Supply and return ducts require regular maintenance to keep the system balanced. Clean ducts not only helps keep heaters and air conditioners operating at peak efficiency but improves your home’s indoor air quality too.
  3. Clean Ducts are Good for your Health: Directly relating to the last bullet, when it comes to air quality, clean ducts means cleaner air, less dust, fungus, and bacteria floating around your home. This is especially important for families with asthma and allergy issues.
  4. New Homes Need Duct Cleaning To: YES! Even new homes need to have duct cleaning done. During construction work: wood shavings, nails, bugs, carpet fibers and more can end up in air ducts. Construction companies do make a point to clean these out (usually), but if you are buying a brand new home, or even renting for that matter, be sure to clean your air ducts to ensure the best air quality possible.

Any homes air ducts deserve a good cleaning. From dust to loose earrings, to lost pets (gross..) and funguses, the benefits of clean ducts can make quite the difference. Whether you clean them yourself, or have someone do it for you, be sure to do it every 3-6 months and you will be set with a home full of good clean air as far as your HVAC system goes.

For any further questions regarding clean air ducts, or other HVAC based questions, be sure to contact King’s Heating & Air Conditioning located in Lynnwood just off of Highway 99. Or you can check out what the United States Environmental Protection Agency has to say.


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