Energy Efficient Home Improvements That Add Up

As the weather in Snohomish County begins to turn a bit colder, it’s time to think about ways to save on our home energy costs. Sometimes it’s better to spend a little money to save even more on your bills. And we all want to run a little leaner and greener, as well. Here are five energy efficient home improvements that we believe will bring a positive return on your investment.

Close that Fireplace Chimney Damper

Fireplaces are beautiful, but they are tremendously inefficient at warming your home. In fact, while all that hot air goes up the flue, it sucks in cold air from outside! And even when the fire isn’t lit, warm air can still fly straight up the chimney. So when your fireplace isn’t in use, keep that damper tightly closed to avoid warm air loss. And when you do light that fire, open a nearby window a crack and close the door to the room the fireplace is in. That way the colder air from outside will be what goes up the chimney, rather than the warmer air from the rest of the house. Additionally, since the fireplace will make your furnace work harder, turn down the thermostat a little to compensate. 

Seal Air Leaks

All through your house, you’ll find cracks, gaps, and openings. Check your windows, doors, plumbing, and wiring, and you’ll see what we mean. Add them all up and you could be looking at a gaping hole in the side of your house! With inexpensive caulk, weatherstripping, or expanding-foam sealants, you can plug those holes and stop air (and money!) from leaking out of your house. Don’t forget overlooked areas like external wall sockets and switches, or the places where pipes enter the house through exterior walls. Every little energy efficient bit helps. 

Up Your Insulation

Take your quest for energy efficiency up a notch by looking into your attic insulation. Often it’s inadequate, and for a small investment, you’ll see big results. Especially in older homes, improved insulation can reduce your heating & cooling bills by up to 30%! But it’s not just about the attic. Don’t forget other areas such as crawl spaces, basement walls, ceilings, and even recessed light fixtures. 

Tune Up Your Furnace

That trusty furnace might not be so trusty anymore. With the help of HVAC professionals like Kings Heating & Air Conditioning, you can tune it up and save big. Whether it’s fan problems or clogged ducts or loose belts, it’s fixable. Stop losing money every minute your furnace runs inefficiently and keep that cash in your wallet where it belongs. If it’s been a couple of years since your last furnace tune up, you’re due. We can even help make sure your ducts are perfectly sealed to reduce air leakage and save you a bundle. 

Consider an Energy Efficient Furnace Replacement

The average lifespan of a furnace is between 15 and 20 years. How old is your furnace? Is it time to take the plunge and consider a replacement? New furnaces are more efficient and can save up to 20% in heating costs over older models. It’s an investment to be sure, but one that will pay off over a few years. Not sure if you need a new furnace? We’d love to talk to you about it. There’s no obligation, we just want to make sure you get what you need. 

At Kings Heating & Air Conditioning we want your home to be as energy efficient as possible. That puts money in your pocket and keeps you happy and comfortable, and we like happy, comfortable customers. If you want to talk more about any of these tips, contact us today.


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