7 Easy Ways To Cut Heating Costs & Keep Warm During Winter

The cold season is HERE! This is the time of year you will see an increase in your utility bill due to using more electricity or gas. I have a few ideas to help you stay warm, but keep your thermostat down.

  1. Replace air filter in your furnace. A dirty filter has less air flow causing your furnace to work HARDER to push the heat through your home. (www.kingsheating.com)
  2. Turn on your ceiling fan . . . I know I know you think this is only needed in the summer. Well you’re not correct. Remember in elementary school science you learned what heat does . . .? It rises! Turning on your ceiling fan will help bring that wasted hot air down.
  3. Let the sun shine in – Now that summer is over you want to OPEN your curtains when the sun is out. Close them when the sun has gone down. The curtains act like another level of insulation.
  4. Candles, candles, candles – These can add many lovely things to your home; ambiance, aromatherapy, AND heat. Just don’t leave them unattended (Says Smokey the Bear). Here’s a great candle connection: http://www.partylite.biz/sites/lisaweiser
  5. Submerge your body in hot water – hot shower, hot bath, or hot tub. When I cannot seem to get warm I can just take a quick dunk in my hot tub and get heated to the core. I feel relaxed and warm.
  6. Cuddling is a good cozy pastime that will make you warm. Cuddle up under a blanket with your partner, pillows, or even your pets.
  7. Hot water bottles are a thing of the past! NOT! I still have one that I love! This really helps warm me at night when I get in bed, but doesn’t make me sweat like a heating pad will. Sometimes your body needs a little boost to warm up those sheets.

So here’s my recommended routine for warmth – Come home close curtains (since sun has gone down), light candles, get in hot tub or take a hot bath, put on pj’s & slippers, heat up some hot cocoa, grab your cuddle buddy, get on the couch, under blanket and put on a good movie!

Lastly, if you find yourself colder than normal and realize your heater is broken or damaged, you can always give us a call! Don’t forget we are available 24 hours a day for all your heating service and repair needs.


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