5 Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Home

Are you one of the 50 million allergy sufferers in the US? Luckily you can radically reduce the number of allergens throughout your home, helping you to breathe easy, just by having regular HVAC maintenance.

Allergens enter your home by being carried through the air, and then settling on the surfaces. These airborne particles such as dust mites, mold, pet dander and cockroach droppings make the air in your home more difficult to breathe and causing itchy throats, coughing, sneezing, red eyes and runny noses.

You can help get rid of allergens that enter the air you breathe by having proper HVAC maintenance.  Try these five HVAC maintenance suggestions to keep your home free of unwanted allergens.

1. Purchase high quality furnace filters

In order to reduce indoor allergens by trapping more microscopic particles, you should look for high quality furnace filters with at least a MERV 8 rating. This is your first defense against poor air quality in your home. Filters should be checked monthly and replaced at least every three months. Please note your system could become less efficient with a dirty filter.

2. Remove all the debris around both the outdoor unit and the indoor one

Air from outside is drawn through your HVAC system by the outdoor AC unit, and from there it is eventually circulated throughout your home. Make sure you clear away any dust and debris from the unit to avoid having it spread in your home.

As with the outdoor unit, if your indoor unit has dust and debris around it, it will eventually end up being distributed all through your home. The area around the indoor unit should be swept, dusted and vacuumed regularly to prevent excess allergens from getting into your system.

3. Check for mold

Humidity and moisture are the perfect environment for mold. Every few weeks check for signs of mold in the ducts, condensate drip pan, drain, evaporator coils and the air handler.

Mold spores not only cause allergies, certain molds, when left unchecked, can cause sickness and even death. If you find small amounts of mold you can remove them yourself, but for bigger problems call a professional.

4. Return vents and dust registers

The return vents and dust registers are often forgotten when it comes to dusting our homes. All the air from the HVAC system is circulated through these vents, so if they are dusty, your home will be dusty.

To prevent kicking up dust mites and other dust particles that could cause allergy and breathing problems, use a damp rag when dusting anywhere in your home.

5. Schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment

Service by an HVAC professional will ensure your system is dust and blockage free and            together with regular preventative maintenance your system will keep healthy.

Want a healthier home? Take these steps to reduce allergens that irritate your body. And if you need a qualified HVAC professional in the Lynnwood area, give us a call at Kings Heating and Air Conditioning.


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